Evergreen is Segment’s open-source React design system with over 12,000 stars on Github. I quickly became one of the most frequent contributors to the repository with bug fixes, package maintenance and tests, and new features, including an all-new File Uploader component. In addition to code contributions, I acted as a resource to the community - responding to questions, bug reports, and providing detailed guidance on some of the more technical parts of the system, such as theming.

Web-based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) written in React for making music. Utilizes a number of open source libraries and products including:

  • evergreen, a UI library by Segment
  • Jotai, a state management library for React
  • Supabase, an open-source backend/cloud hosting alternative to Firebase



ESLint plugin to enforce consistent, readable TypeScript code with automatic code fixes.

VS Code extension to ease the process of maintaining localized copy for an application. Uses ts-morph and @vitalets/google-translate-api to insert keys and translated values to a culture file.



Command line tool created to standardize daily development and CI processes at andculture.